Mixed Martial Arts for Kids, Teens, & Adults!!
Black Belt is the GOAL!
Family-Friendly Environment


West Coast Martial Arts - Fremont offers a year round martial arts programs for ages 3-60+ which can be entered at any time of the year. We welcome you to a positive and enriching experience to help you on your journey to Black Belt!

West Coast Fremont

  • Voted 2010's Best of Fremont!
  • Fremont-based school since 1990
  • Mixed Martial Arts curriculum with Tae Kwon Do foundation
  • Ernie Reyes' West Coast World Martial Arts Association Member

Why us?

  • Dedicated instructors. We love what we do.
  • Teaching self-esteem through self-defense
  • Have classes 6 days a week for ages 3-60+

How do I start?

Summer Day Camp Info or call (510) 713-1862

Ernie Reyes' West Coast World Martial Arts

The dynamic founders of the West Coast World Martial Arts Association are Masters Ernie Reyes Sr. and Tony Thompson. They were world class fighters and forms competitors. They both graduated from San Jose State University. The first school opened in 1975. Now the association has schools nationwide.

Our Style

Our style is a blending of traditional and contemporary martial arts that offers you not only an effective self-defense program but a means for personal development, character development and discipline that can lead to success in other areas of your life.

West Coast Fremont • 39030 Paseo Padre Pkwy., Fremont, CA 94538 • 510.713.1862 • 2015